Amber Li

Child As AI and AI as Child: The Eames House of Cards

Tasked with building a comprehensive narrative about artificial intelligence through a nonlinear format, I chose to discuss the inherent similarities of raising a child and the growing pains of AI, how they learn, its moral implications, and the architecture modelled off of our very own brains.

Designed to be a toy for learning through and through; with the original modularity of the Eames Cards to stack, as well as an option to tile flat to become Chutes and Ladders, a quintessential game of childhood.

Fall 2023 / 6 weeks   

Ps, Ai, Copywriting, Packaging Design


Creating an empathetic narrative that centers around human imperfection. 
Taking from swaths of academic articles from both the fields of psychology and artificial intelligence in order to juxtapose the two; emphasized stylistically through the intertwined serif/script type pairing.

When comparing children’s development to AI, a few storylines begin to emerge: Parenting, brain structure, and methods of learning.

Stacked / Tiled flat
20 cards, 7” x 11”
Board game style packaging
Laser-cut acrylic game pieces

The game serves as a navigational tool, as well as a place to begin contemplating some of the overarching topics that are covered more in detail on the reverse side of the cards.

The question that comes throughout the set is: how do we care for AI, as a fledgling yet wickedly intelligent being? What role do we all play?

Displayed in the Joseph Ballay Center for Design Fusion as part of the “artificial:” exhibition from October 5—12, 2023.