Amber Li


The Education of an Artist, saddle-stitch calligraphy book, 2022
English Roundhand in metallic ink, 2024
Holiday Card for the CMU Office of the Provost, 2023 
‘Remainder’, frame-by-frame animation, 2023 
Blackletter calligraphy, 2023
Mont-Saint-Michel, France, 2023
Linoleum print, 5x7”, 2022
Polish Hill, Pittsburgh, PA, 2022
‘Love Letter’ Typographic Poster; Processing and Photoshop. 18x32”
Scanning experiment, 2022
Pittsburgh, PA, 2022
Gothic Architecture, blackletter calligraphy, 2023 
Blender 3D, 2021
Fish illustrations and renderings, 2021
Endangered animal illustration, 2022
Blender 3D, 2021